Why So Serious?

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Blockers to Creativity

A few months ago I learned a very valuable lesson about being in the right frame of mind to allow creativity to flow through me, unhindered. And, like with so many of the really important lessons in life, it came through pain and being humbled.

I was involved in a project that became extremely important to me. I spent hours, weeks, months on it, thought about it in-depth throughout this time period, discussed it incessantly with others, studied it from every angle. The culmination of the project was several presentations infront of a few hundred people. The first few presentations I gave it my very best, my all, but somehow it didn’t come off well and I could not understand why. Of course, my inner critic was much harsher than others, but I knew that I wasn’t portraying what I had to give with the real creativity I felt. I was frustrated and confused.

Just before one of the last presentations, I kicked back with some friends and we got into a great round of banter, laughter, and down-right silliness. I was in a great mood! That evening’s presentation was magic. I was in flow, and each moment took on a life of its own, portraying exactly what I had meant it to.

I learned a powerful lesson about not taking myself so seriously that I become over-invested in my projects and lose sight of what they are meant to be- fun, in the truest sense of the word. Let go, relax, and enjoy the ride.


Today’s 4 Minute Writer


Tonight, 11:57pm, she’s sitting on a bar stool at Eddie’s Taphouse. Tomorrow night, 11:57pm, she’ll be laying on the floor in this same spot.

She spends nearly every minute she’s not at work here. It’s where she and her friends celebrate all the significant and not so significant occasions in their lives. It’s where she comes because she has nowhere else to go.

Just like on the tv show Cheers, everyone here does know her name, and they really are glad that she comes. She always feels welcome and appreciated here. Tonight, she has no idea that just under 24 hours from now, she’ll walk in for the last time.

Monday’s 4 Minute Writer topic: Wine Glasses After the Party

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4 responses to “Why So Serious?

  1. What a great post….I can’t quote chapter and verse, think it may have been Daniel Goleman, but some psychologists did a test: they took a group of people and divided it into two.

    Then they took one half and showed all its members a really funny film. They laughed till they cried.

    They sat both halves down to solve some complex logic problems together. Of course, the ones who had seen the film did a far better job.

    It’s official. Laughter and fun make us perform better:-)

  2. Michael

    Your thoughts on creativity and presentation and critics are excellent. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned.

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