Creativity and Empathy

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
The Artistic Personality

It’s easy for artists to get lost in their own experiences of ecstasy, desire, despair, or rage. They mine these depths and share their treasures with the rest of us. Artists also need to be able to enter into the inner experiences and feelings of others, to have empathy. This allows for the creation of vivid characters and dynamic performances. It is not, however, without its dangers. Entering too deeply into the inner workings of another person can create a loss of identity and perspective. Developing the ability to control the entering in and leaving behind of the experiences of others is essential- as is the ability to delve into and come out of one’s own depths so as to not become lost.  


Today’s 4 Minute Writer


Sea kittens. Yes, that’s right, I said sea kittens- the PETA marketing campaign. If fish had the face of kittens, we would care about their welfare. Just like the baby seal thing- so cute we would want to protect them.

Is that what human beings are like, favouring the lives of the cute over the lives of the ugly? Do parents love their pretty children best? What if what was once beautiful becomes old and shriveled, does society turn its back? Yes. Look at how we discard our seniors- yes, our seniors. We are all responsible. We are collectively shallow.

But, why not love the pretty more? Why not lavish affection on what is pleasing to look at and brings warm feelings? All good to say until you’re the ugly one who is cast aside.  

Tomorrow’s 4 Minute Writer topic: Rental cars

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4 responses to “Creativity and Empathy

  1. I really like your blog! The topic is great. I am always looking for interesting new ways to do a little more writing every day. I will be following along.

  2. I think PETA makes a good point and it’s true, there’s a reason the cuddly adorable panda bear is the mascot for World Wild Fund. It’s even more difficult for “ugly” creatures to get funded for research, so end up knowing less about these critters. I’m personally a fan of the underdog and think all creatures are beautiful in their own way.

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