The Writer’s Personality Type

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
The Artistic Personality

Do writers have a particular personality type that draws them to their craft? According to research done by Jane Piirto of Ashland Universit in Ohio, writers tested with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test scored overwhelmingly as INFPs  (Understanding Creativity).

INFPs are introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceptive. They have a rich inner world with intense feelings and committed values. They are creative and are often gifted in language. As they are introverts, writing lends itself easily as the outlet for their creativity. Their curiosity to understand others and their continual search for new ideas allow them to see the potential for writing material all around them.

How much of yourself do you see in this description?


Today’s 4 Minute Writer


He waits for her. Hours pass, and still he waits. Dozens of people walk by. They take no notice of this old man sitting on the park bench, alone.

A soft wind rustles the grass beyond the path they used to walk together to get here. They would sit arm in arm, looking out into the fields, sharing the sandwich she had made and laughing at the inside jokes they shared between them.

He sits alone, waiting for her. Daylight fades into dusk, then night. Still, he waits. This was their sanctuary, the place they came to week after week, their world in the midst of the world, yet set far apart from it. There is no other place he would rather be than here, with her, so he waits until she comes to him again. He has been too long without her, the months of hospital visits as he watched her slip further and further away until it wasn’t her anymore. He knows he will find her here. Eternity lay in the time-bound moments they shared here. This is the place he will connect with that realm and be with her again.

Tomorrow’s 4 Minute Writer topic: Fish

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6 responses to “The Writer’s Personality Type

    • I used to be but then it changed to ENTP. My Introvert and Extrovert scores were always close, so the scale just tipped to the ‘E’. The change from Feeling to Thinking had to do with learning to live in a ‘practical’ world where feeling is not always the best MO.

  1. edurhetor

    I just took one of those online tests and found out I’m an INFP with strong N and F components. I tend to express my creativity through writing. I think through writing. In fact, I create organizational systems and teach people through writing. But I’m not sure I do “creative writing” in the sense of writing any poetry or fiction. Here’s a sample of a student email and my reply as his teacher.

    Student: “I feel pretty overwhelmed because I haven’t got a chance to start on anything. Is it possible to catch up or should I just drop the course?”

    Me: “Dear [Studentname], many students go through this initial procrastination and panic. It’s only week two, but the first assignment is due one week from today and requires reading and library research prescribed in the first assignment description. Yes you should be concerned, but only you can assess whether you have the time in your life and the self-confidence and dedication to catch up and get this done on time. The first assignment is worth a hefty 20%. One of the challenges of online learning is that we don’t have a regular rhythm of face to face classes to keep you on task. If you find yourself too paralyzed to make the right decision, it would not hurt to consult the staff we have on campus to address these issues. If you drop by your program advising office they can either advise you there, or direct you to the people who can.”

    I hope I handled the situation well. He decided to drop the course. It might have been the best decision for him.

    • Thanks for sharing your writing with us. You gave the student lots of options and put the responsibility back on him, where it should be. Nice answer.
      I re-read the description of INFP in the post with you in mind and yes, of course you are INFP, fits perfectly- intense feelings, committed values, wanting to understand others, new ideas. Fantastic. Makes me miss being in the INFP camp…

  2. dolly

    I always seem to come out as ENFP in the test types but I can’t go long without writing. For me, it’s an obsession, and a need, to express myself in that way.

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