Are You an Independent Thinker?

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
The Artistic Personality

Independence of thought is essential to the artistic personality. The ability to break with the accepted way of looking at something in order to explore and experience it from a different, perhaps unaccepted, angle is imperative. How can an artist be content to blindly follow and conform when a burning fire within drives him to seek a renewal- even transformation- of the world around him?

Independence of thought can be a risky path to pursue. The artist may become unpopular or ostracized for his stance. He must be willing to take responsibility for his choices and accept the consequences, so needs to consider wisely how far to go his own way.

In daily life, become conscious of how often you choose to express views that are different from those around you, or from widely accepted opinions. How does the way you handle these situations differ from or mirror the way you approach your creative pursuits?

(Further discussion on personality traits and creativity )


Today’s 4 Minute Writer

Rental Cars

Unbelievable! Just when she thought things couldn’t possibly get worse, she finds out that her rental is a minivan! Of all the terrible things life could have thrown at her. She takes the keys from the agent and walks across the parking lot to the green monstrosity. Her whole body cringes as she sits herself down at the wheel. This is exactly the scenario she had spent her whole 30s trying to avoid. And now, it’s either get in the minivan and go to work or stick to her guns and get fired. She pauses to consider this choice, then takes a deep breath. She tells herself that it’s just for a few days until her Beetle is fixed. Just a few days… 

She starts the engine, puts her foot on the gas and feels nausea building. “Next come the white picket fence, the 2.1 kids, the RRSPs. This is ridiculous,” she thinks. She presses the gas pedal harder and is surprised that the thing actually accelerates to a decent speed. She rolls down the windows, lets her hair fly out, then turns up the radio and joins Jimmy Hendrix in a duet. If she’s gotta drive the suburbia-mobile, she may as well try to add a little style, she figures. 

Tomorrow’s 4 Minute Writer topic: Fear

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