The Hypersensitive Experience

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
The Artistic Personality

I have a snapshot in my memory of me in the kitchen of a friend’s house, her father slamming down a meat tenderizer over and over again into a raw, blood-filled steak. Each blow landed directly on my soul and hammered it further and further into a dark abyss. At that time in my life it was as if there was no protective cover for my soul, it was completely exposed, and the world acted directly and deeply on it.

I am glad that this hypersensitivity did not last very long and that I was able to regain the protective shell around my soul. It gave me a glimpse, though, into just how great an effect the tiniest of our actions can have on others. And who knows, maybe the highly sensitive experience of life is truer than we know. 

(Link to Pearl S. Buck quote on high sensitivity and creativity)


Today’s 4 Minute Writer  


It started when she was seven, some horror movie about a ring. Since then, she had an intense fear of circles- rather inconvenient really as there tend to be a lot around. She bought square tea cups, never rode a bicycle, had special doorknobs, never ate sliced tomatoes, and refused to pay cash so she wouldn’t have to deal with change. Her parents put her in therapy after she had a hysteric fit in the middle of gym class during a unit on hoola-hoops. The shrink told them she was simply defiant and would have to be consistent in their discipline.

In grad nine, she burst out in tears when the teacher handed out standardized scholastic aptitude tests in which students had to shade in bubble sheets to answer multiple choice questions.

Somehow she made it into adulthood and was now considering a career in the military… (Write your own thoughts on what happens next.)

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