Brains + Guts = Watch Out Big Corporations

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Creative Solutions to Big Problems

What do you get when you take two smart guys with a ton of guts and a major axe to grind against big corporations they feel put profits ahead of everything else? You get millions of BBC viewers watching a phony Dow Chemicals representative admit responsibility for the largest industrial accident in history after 20 years of virtually no action to clean up this mess in Bhopal, India that killed thousands and left over 120,000 people needing lifelong care. 

Meet Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, The Yes Men. This activist duo create and maintain fake websites impersonating major corporations. They then wait to be contacted through the sites to participate in interviews, conferences, and TV talk shows. At these forums, they highlight how they feel the companies they are impersonating commit acts against the public. In the case of the BBC Dow Chemicals interview, once Jude Finisterra (whose first name refers to the patron saint of lost causes and last name is Latin for ‘end of the world’) was exposed as a fraud, Dow was left having to answer questions about what action was and was not taken to help those affected by the incident in Bhopal.

Though they are small and corporations gigantic, Andy and Mike manipulate and leverage media to get their message out there. Now that’s creativity! 


Today’s 4 Minute Writer

Still Alive

“I, oh, I’m still alive,” sings Eddie Vedder in a half-dead monotone.

Alive. Still alive. Truly alive? Half alive? Live truly, live so it counts, really counts, not just to get through another day. Live like it really matters, for what’s important, what lasts. When all is said and done, how much of what was will remain and how much will be rolled up and chucked into the cosmic incinerator?

Living in the right plane- that’s what’ll get you there. See through the right eyes, see for real. Close your eyes, and see.

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2 responses to “Brains + Guts = Watch Out Big Corporations

  1. Thanks Zoe…there’s a feeling about this. It starts out under an oppressive cloud of inertia and ends with that pressing need for far sight, and far insight. Really makes you think.

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