Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Life and Creativity

I remember the moment I laid down my pen after an exam for the last time. That moment was the culmination of 17 years of formal education, the end of an era. I looked back at the page and realized that the last word I would ever write on a test was “exists”. I was struck by the profoundness of the word that marked the weight of that event.

The fact that I exist stuns me and makes my mind spin. How is it that I think and feel, act and reflect, make choices and dream- and have the ability to endure 17 years of schooling!? I am in awe. My only response can be to create a life that fulfills all it was meant to be.


Today’s 4 Minute Writer

The Canvas

As I part the branches, I create a vantage point from which to watch as he unwraps the canvas and begins to paint. I wait for the scene to unfold before me. It’s quiet, and the evening air begins to cool. He takes his time, dipping his brush in pale yellows, slowly stretching them across the horizon. A bird flies by, silhouetted in the stillness.

I watch and wait.

The ledge ahead starts to fade as the yellows turn to golden hues. I am transfixed. The dance has begun.

He adds a faint band of orange which grows and intensifies, transforming into bright reds that catch the underside of clouds.

The glow is electrifying, the pull so strong that I am absorbed into it. I see myself fly through the air, suspended between the layers, awash in the light of mystery. I am lost in the moment, enraptured by the silent power of living colours.

It’s getting late and the painter is finishing his work for the evening. He fades the colours one by one behind the curtain of the horizon, melting each into the landscape. I come floating gently back to my vantage point between the branches and feel the cooling night air against my face.

For tonight, he has rolled up his canvas and it is time for me to go. I’ll come back tomorrow night and see what he paints for me then.

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