The Joy of Just Wingin’ It

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Life and Creativity

If you’ve ever watched Improv Theatre, you know what I mean when I say those guys are amazing. In Improv, actors perform entire scenes spontaneously based on a few words suggested by the audience. Characters, dialogue, and plot are all developed right in front of viewers and the result is a tremendously fun time for audience and actors alike.

How can actors possibly coordinate on the fly? Well, they rely on three key principles:

1. Be open to offers
2. ‘Yes’ goes further than ‘no’
3. Go with what’s working 

Offers are all around- a fellow actor on stage suggests going for dinner, or someone mimes  a door. The key is to be looking for the opportunities that are right in front of you.

The next step is to then say ‘Yes’ to those offers- it’ll take you much further than turning them down and never finding out the fullness of what was being offered.

Go with what’s working- sometimes you have to drop the activity that’s getting you nowhere and go with what is building the scene.

These principles work on stage. They also work in life. Of course, in life, wisdom is required as a balance to these principles, as Jim Carey’s character learned in the movie Yes Man. Not every offer in life is a good one, but being aware of all the opportunities that are right in front of you every moment and making choices to go for it will lead to a more creative, more fun life. Try it!


Today’s 4 Minute Writer

And Now for Something Completely Different

Today I’m making this section about the 5 second video clip below simply because it amuses me. Apparently it also  amuses others as it has over 25 million hits on YouTube. Go ahead, play the clip:

How can you not love that? The search term in YouTube that brings this up is “Dramatic Look Chipmunk”. Ya, it’s not a chipmunk. It’s a Prairie Dog. Nevertheless, it rocks.

Here’s the clip that explains the origin of “Dramatic Look Chipmunk”. Enjoy!

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3 responses to “The Joy of Just Wingin’ It

  1. You.Have.Made.My.Day.

    I shall go to work laughing. I love his, and unlike our 25 million fellow earthlings I have never seen it before. Where was I in 2007?

    I’ve been teaching social skills to my little ones at school. To some, improv is hard won, and it starts with a gaze. Yesterday we just played a gaze game: practising the non verbal language which goes with exchanging unspoken agreements. Winging it is so clever, I totally agree: because it is based on a fortress of non-verbal communication we don’t even know we use.

    Fabulous, fabulous post:-D

    • Thanks Kate. A couple of us discovered Dramatic Look Chipmunk at work and laughed so hard that a dozen people came over to find out if we were ok. I had no idea it was possible to laugh so hard!
      Yes, all the non-verbals- it’s like a second conversation happening under all those words. Not so online…

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