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Life and Creativity

When I’m on- connected, fired up, in flow, inspired, energized, bursting with new ideas- I can almost feel it physically. There’s a spot somewhere in the middle of my breastbone where a surge of energy is born. And the words write themselves, the excitement pours out, one image morphs into another and another and fireworks go off. It’s like living on a different plane for as long as the inspiration lasts. I am truly alive.

I can get carried away riding this wave. And though it’s a high, I need to be grounded and use that energy to a meaningful end and not let it run wild. The last few paragraphs of Richard Florida’s book, The Rise of the Creative Class , contain some thoughts about directing our creativity. (As a note, I haven’t actually read the whole book. I’m more of a ‘give me the main point’ kinda gal- I read back covers and the last couple of paragraphs of books. I want the bottom line. If I like the very end, I may even read the last few paragraphs of chapters, but that’s about it.)

My point is this: creative energy is powerful, be purposeful about where you direct it.


Today’s 4 Minute Writer

Facebook Me

You tell me I’m your friend and I wonder if that’s in some Facebook kind of way, or if you mean it like it’s for real. Are you looking out for my best interests, or hanging out with me for your convenience? Do I raise your status? When we have a misunderstanding, when I go broke, will you still give me that label? When you find a cooler scene or those who can give you more, will you leave me behind? I need to know now if you’re worth my while, or if I should just go back online and play with my virtual friends.

Use the comment field to suggest a topic, submit your writing on today’s 4 Minute Writer topic (Facebook Me), or to comment.


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4 responses to “Creative Energy

  1. Yeah I can relate to the opening of the post, the feeling of creativity through writing. As for directing it, I tend to love randomness and sitting back and watching the patterns, so that’s a challenge.

    • Hi Tania,
      Thanks for the comment. I agree with you about letting creativity flow. It’s like going on amazing adventures without even leaving your chair. That’s how I felt writing the Sunset piece the other day. I was in a coffee shop and the music took me with it as I wrote about being swept away into the scene.
      I want to think about directing my creative energy in purposeful ways- taking all that umph and putting it into what really matters. I’m not sure how at the moment, but something about creating good/meaningful things in the world…

  2. A wonderful, thought provoking post today Zoe.

    So good that I’m just going to get on this couch for a minute.:-D

    I love the days creative flow comes. It’s usually when I’m relaxed and happy, and my subconscious is freed up and given full rein.
    I write every day because my friends like to read it. There are some days it comes hard and this week has been incredibly tough. I find I must park all that weight of life and ignore it, glowering there in an easy chair, while I write.
    Beethoven found creating a painful and painstaking business. I do find comfort in that, but I’m more a Mozart kinda gal.

    • Your comments are as well-woven as your posts! I love that you write everyday because your friends like to read what you write. You have a purpose outside yourself that your creativity is finding a home in. At this moment in my life, I feel like I don’t have a way of translating my creative energy into the world in a way that is meaningful. Maybe through the blog- and dialogue with others through comments and in life- something will appear. Thanks for the comment.

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