An Unscripted Life

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Life and Creativity

Some people are put on this earth to give the rest of us a glimpse of who we could be if we followed our passions and the things that truly give us life. Most of us will never experience this for ourselves because we’re too afraid to leave the security of conformity to live an unscripted life. Something in us is triggered, though, when we meet someone who is travelling the road we wish we were taking.

This evening, I had the privilege of talking with someone who is leaving it all to pursue a life of, simply put, expressing his creativity. Darren Flach was an I.T. guy at a major oil and gas company when he suddenly realized that he was among the walking dead, living a life that had been written for him: get a good education, land a good job, buy a house, and hang on til retirement. He started asking himself: What do want to do, and more importantly, who am I?

Darren searched in many directions, experimented in various ways, until 10 years later, he discovered his ‘IT’, that thing that makes him feel alive and excited about it. Once he found his ‘IT’, there was no way he was going to let it go. He sold his house, is now wrapping up his business and exchanging his status quo for a new fulltime identity as Darren the Writer and World Traveller. He describes himself as a nomad, one who was meant to wander and share his internal and outer journey with others through the written word. That is all he needs to be happy in life, and is his gift to the world.

I admire the simplicity of what brings him joy and that he is giving everything to pursue it. I’ll be following along on Darren’s blog as he prepares for his adventures


Today’s 4 Minute Writer

The Wish

My nose is pressed against the glass as I watch you walk to the car, climb in, and drive off. Why didn’t you take me with you? Aren’t I well-behaved enough? When you take me, don’t I thank you enough with big smiles and the constant metronome wag of my tail? Why did you leave me alone at home, to mope and nap, waiting for you walk in through that door so I can shower you with my affection?

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3 responses to “An Unscripted Life

  1. I loved both of these….I love nothing more than vicarious world travel. What a courageous person, to change so completely. And the poor dog. They exist on their senses: take smell and stimulus away and life must become very dull. If I have to leave Mac for a day he finds some way to take revenge. And I don’t blame him.

    • I have a theory that dogs are half human. How else can you explain their ability to communicate their wants to us so clearly, and our being so affected by their wags and big brown eyes?

      • I know, they are masters of non verbal communication, aren’t they? We need 20% supplied by words, but they don’t need a syllable. I know what Mac is saying, every time he says a thing:-)

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