Life at All Levels

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Life and Creativity

Life is complex, and my experience of it depends on the level I am living it in. There’s the outer level, the one where I’m in a good mood, going with the flow, lighthearted and free. Then there’s the next level, where my head and heart are connected, taking in the world around me, letting it affect me- but only to the extent my conscious filter will allow. Then there’s the realm that is raw and unprotected, where the filter is gone and the sunrise, street lamps, and lightning shine directly on my soul.

In which of these levels does creativity live? For me, the most obvious answer is the raw level, where I am most affected by life, and can transform that experience into another medium to communicate it to others. That’s the easy answer. It’s not the complete one. Creativity is found in all levels of life. As my experiences differs in each level, how that creativity expresses itself changes. The beauty is that creativity thrives in all levels, a constant flow waiting to be tapped into.


Today’s 4 Minute Writer

I Remember

I remember the first time I saw you, your hair blowing freely under your wide-brimmed hat as you rode through the sun-bleached fields. You followed me here to the land of opportunity, asking for a chance with me. And I accepted. We built a life here and shared it with the children you gave me.

We grew old, you and I, in the home that we spent all these years in.

And now, I climb the stairs with the dose of your hourly medication. The doctor says there’s nothing more they can do. I smile as you take it with some water. We talk of the old days and of the first time I saw you. I look at you now, with your hollow cheeks and age-spotted scalp, but all I see is you riding through the wind with your hair flowing under that hat.

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