Wrestling with Words

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
The Creative Process

The creative process is fun and freeing, but can also be difficult, requiring intense emotional energy. It can be tempting to give up on wrestling words into submission to surf the net instead. Believe me, I know.

To pursue creativity requires passion and tenacity- few things of worth in this world can be attained without these qualities. Are you that committed to your creative work that you will sweat through hours of finding just the right angle, just the right look to bring it to life? Your work is anything that expresses that part of you that needs to be shown to the world using the platform you have chosen.

The committment to show up and wrestle through the beautiful process of putting an important part of who you are into the world isn’t easy- but it is worth it.

What is your creative work?


Today’s 4 Minute Writer


He closes his eyes under the shadow of his straw hat, dangles one foot off the edge of the boat, and lets the rod rest gently against his side. He enjoys these moments of stillness, away from the hectic pace of everyday life, soaking in the presence of the world around him.

He and Syd have been out on the lake for a couple of hours now. The conversation has run dry, and each is quietly settling into his own thoughts. Father and son have an understanding, they bond over the absense of words. Both are glad that the fish aren’t disturbing their peace. 

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11 responses to “Wrestling with Words

  1. Your fishing post was beautifully written..so wonderfully yet simply descriptive.

    • Thanks Tracy- and thanks for coming to the blog. After writing the top part of the post I felt my love-hate relationship with words (what could be better than a firey relationship to get the creative juices flowing!). I think that came out in reflecting on the joy of presence without words. A break from them is a good thing to keep the embers glowing.

  2. Great post as always.

    One of my good friends loves fishing and for her, that’s her creativity, bring out there and practising patience, being very quiet.

    I love to write but it is so hard in the noise and fluster of a family. Sometimes, though, it makes me snatch an idea when it comes without deliberating. I have a more ruthless writer now than I was when I was a journalist. Like a pike that lurks at the bottom of a pool surging up to catch its prey. Not sure it’s very restful though. I wish I fished.

    • Your comments make me smile. For me, the noise and fluster isn’t around me, it’s in my head- and, come to think of it, much more since starting this blog. There are so many ideas floating around in there, so many connections, inspirations, words, words, words. As you say, not very restful, but quite a lot of fun.
      At least the fish are safe from us both.

  3. Bobby

    mmmmm, fishing………..

    I am usually finding myself too drunk to fish, I believe that is what the father and son are, too drunk to talk.

    Only thing going thru there head is, “If I stay quiet and hold onto the boat, I won’t fall out…….”

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  5. I am constantly wrestling with words, their feel, their resonance. That’s why I admire your “4 minute” writing. Me- it’s 4 hours. Actually 4 days !

    • Thanks for coming in, Karen. I find the ‘getting words on paper/screen” part not too bad, it’s the editing that’s the 4 hour/4 day part for me.
      I stopped by your blog (and will return)- very original and quite entertaining.

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