Is it All About the Small Stuff?

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
To what end?

We have all been given a tremendous gift in the impulse to create. Depending on who we are and our season of life, we may feel this urge to a greater or lesser extent, but it is always there. This need to create is fundamental to our humanity, no matter who we are.

The question then becomes what to do with this foundational characteristic of ours. Creativity runs in us and through us in a myriad of forms and directions, even without our awareness. Yet, when we stop to consider where in life to intentionally direct our creative energies, the answer may not be so clear.

One approach is to infuse it into the rhythm of daily living. This entails injecting creative energy- a small piece of who you are- into the small things of everyday living, be it the way we cook a meal or set the table, or the gardens we grow or company we keep.

Such an approach brings richness to the moment by moment business of living, allowing us to leave a trace of gold in everything we touch. It’s good. But I wonder if it’s enough. Is the best use of creative energy to soak it into the small and let the bigger picture take care of itself?

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  

The Rush

It courses through me, an electric shock zapping my senses into high gear. My eyes go wide, fingers twitch, all muscles poised for action.

With the crack of a whip, it shoots out of me- words charging at a frantic pace, colours and shapes circling each other dizzyingly. An adverb here, a trapezoid there, both crashing into a giant cymbal, setting it off into a rage.

The rumbling of window panes gives way to shards of glass propelled by a wave of debris raining clumps of dirt and ash through the kaleidoscope of fragmented trains of thought.

The scene suspends itself, ideas hanging in mid-air.

I glide slowly through the wreckage, picking what suits me, and leaving the rest to fall to the ground, disintegrating.

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9 responses to “Is it All About the Small Stuff?

  1. The Rush! Whew! Great description of the energy generated by the creative urge. Sometimes we can’t hold it back; even in the little things of daily life it will show itself boldly. I agree with you about creativity being expressed in daily life. It’s both natural and beneficial because it expands the giftedness inside. Eventually, as a result of encouraging our own creative spirit, we will use it in a greater way as it matures within us. Blessings to you, Zoe…

    • Yes, that creative urge can be quite the force to just stand back and watch.
      I like your idea of nurturing our creativity so that it will mature and we can then use it in greater ways. I worry, though, that I am missing out on those greater things. Where are they? Am I just wasting my time on the little things when there are so many big things to be done? Then again, maybe my creativity has not yet matured. Will it ever?…

  2. Your words about leaving a trace of gold in everything we touch remind me of something I saw 12 years ago in Thailand. On one of the makeshift jetties along the rural canels between the rundown stilt dwellings, a young girl fed her very scrawny looking dog by arranging his food and scraps with care on a large, fresh banana leaf.

  3. I’ve never got that balance right. It’s far too easy to become obsessed with what one is creating. My last obsession was cooking, and now it’s blogging: whatever next? I’d love to achieve the balance you write of, where a little creativity is injected into the small things of life. Not everything has to be a grand passion.
    Lovely post today, Zoe, thanks:-)

    • Obsessions can come in so many forms- instead of cooking, mine sometimes goes to eating. I’ll eat the same thing day in and day out for weeks and then not want to touch it again for months! Canned beans, cottage cheese, and lettuce are on my current no-touch list. Then again, funny how I never tire of chocolate…

  4. I think I have the opposite problem. I am good at putting a little creative energy into the small things, but long to push myself into a larger vision of a project. I do hope those little creative things will one day lead me to my grand passion. reading your blog certainly helps. 🙂

    • Thanks!
      I do hope Carol Ann is right in pointing out that if we just keep building our creative strength, the larger projects will unfold for us.
      I’m still thinking about your post on volunteering and how this may fit into my quest for something larger. One step at a time…

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