Go with the Flow

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
A Different Perspective

It is my incessant habit to analyze the world around me in order to make it make sense. Yet, at times it makes no sense to do so. Events early on in the day reminded me of that.

I started the day watching Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. In the opening sequence, a coin flip turns up as heads 157 consecutive times. How does that make any sense?

From there, I sat down to catch up on the two books I am currently reading simultaneously. It just so happened that I landed at the beginning of a chapter on pardox in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy and at the beginning of a section on paradox in Charles Handy’s The Empty Raincoat. If I were currently reading 157 books, would they all have landed on a chapter on paradox today?

How does one make sense of that?

One doesn’t.


So with that as the start of my day, I decided to make the day about being along for the ride of life without trying to analyze it.

The day was packed with visits and tight schedules. When it appeared I wouldn’t have time to get ready for lunch guests, I made no plans to figure out how to resolve the situation. I just went with the flow.

It turned out that our guests were half an hour late, which gave just the right amount of time to get everything in order.

I was glad to have not wasted my time analyzing the situation to come up with a strategy of accelerated activity to resolve it.

I made no attempt to analyze the sodium content in the canned beans I ate, or figure out why I couldn’t remember a phone number I had dialed so frequently.

I didn’t stop to think about why I can’t parallel park or if I got the best deal on broccoli I could have.

And it was nice to not analyze, not look for things to make sense.

Tomorrow I will go back to my usual. But now, I’ll be more conscious to just go along for the ride a little more often. It just makes sense, don’t you think?

*          *          *    

The theme for this week is about finding one different perspective on something in my life every day.

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  

The Way It Is

“Sometimes I wish I didn’t know now the things I didn’t know then.”

If I had drawn different conclusions about the events of my life, would I be a different person today? Would I have wanted to be a different person? Who’s to say I would have had the choice?

What is is and what was was. What I know now I know. And knowing, I step forward into the light.

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17 responses to “Go with the Flow

  1. “…I step forward into the light.” Reminds me of an Oscar Wilde quote:

    “I’m not young enough to know everything.”

    Wonder if that implies it got darker the further he stepped ‘forward’ into life? If so, I’d have to agree with him…on both counts. But you…well, better get out your sunglasses! 😉

  2. Paradox has been taxing me lately: and the idea that two opposite realities can coincide at exactly the same time. Is there a cat in the box? You post adds fuel tho this, Zoe, thanks.
    So wonderful to let go sometimes and just see where the day takes one. The worst is rarely as bad as we fear it might be 🙂

    • Paradox is simultaneously frustrating and intriguing, perhaps not to be figured out but rather felt.
      I’m exploring the approach of just doing that one next thing and once that is finished seeing if the next thing appears. Perhaps that will lead somewhere- to discovering and opening the box?

  3. V

    I believe the first time I saw “Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are dead” was in the theatre as a special preview. A very good friend of mine won tickets from a local radio station (she was always winning tickets from the radio stations) and invited me to go with her. I remember how full the theatre was and how funny I thought the movie was.

    Anyways …. as I digress…..

    I’m kind of like you in that sense ….. analytical…but not so much in trying to make sense of things but rather I’m always looking for the connection to the Divine. I do that in movies, books, music …… I like it, and I don’t think I can stop from doing so…

  4. Aah, to enter the flow of life . . . and see where it leads. 🙂

    • I hope it leads somewhere. I’m a little worried it ends up in a nursing home with too much bran and not enough chocolate. I’ve seen it happen to others…
      It looks from your site that you are enjoying the flow in exactly the way you always wanted. A happy spot to be.
      Thanks for coming and for your comment.

  5. Go with the flow is easier said than done…but a challenge to all of us. Nice post.

    • Thanks Helene. I keep wanting to make things happen. There’s a fine line somewhere between being proactive and charging ahead in a useless direction. There’s also a place for wisdom in knowing when to be proactive and when to just go with the flow. Too complex- I think I’ll go back to passively watching tv. 🙂

  6. I am an analyzer, too, and I know there are times to go with the flow trusting that all things will work together because God is behind our lives. Blessings to you as you entertain and challenge us with your analyses.

    • I think of the quote you put in the comments a few posts ago about people not being aware that their small acts make an incredibly big difference- and that the fact that they’re not aware doesn’t take away from the significance of the acts. It makes me wonder if it’s even important for us to analyze- to make a consciuos effort to make sense of it all. Maybe we just need to live within a few simple guidelines, holding onto a few important things, and let the rest be sorted out without us doing the sorting. Hmmmm…. Wait- I think I was just analyzing. Back to the drawing board…

  7. It happens to me all the time, one thought or topic appears in different places in my life at the same time. I always take it as a sign that it is something I need to focus on, at least for a moment. Today, I will be looking for more references to paradox. I am sure they will be everywhere.

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