For the Love of Dogs

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
A Different Perspective

We love our dogs in this city. Oh yes we do- right down to the colourful little booties we put on their feet. We have dog spas for making them look good, psychologists for helping them sort out their issues, and daycares for socializing and educating them.

Unfortunately, our dog education system is not very advanced as there are no higher education options beyond the daycare level.

There are, however, plenty of doggy daycares around- one in every neighbourhood it seems. And they’d all be happy to take in your dog.

We do, however, have a problem with daycares in this city. Not the doggy ones, though- the child-minding ones. Competition to secure a spot in one is fierce as there are too few spots for too many children.

It’s time to take a different perspective: why not fill the vacant spots in the doggy daycares with children who can’t get a spot in the child-minding ones?

Why not integrate dogs and children into the same educational institutions? This could also be the key to creating higher levels of education for dogs.

What an absurd perspective (and one I do not endorse, by the way). Yet, pushing a point to absurdity forces us to reconsider the logic of our priorities and actions.

Here’s to absurdity!

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The theme for this week is about finding one different perspective on something in my life every day.

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  

The Dog’s Perspective

Debbie: Look at him, Alister. He’s trying to tell us something.

Alister: Huh?

Debbie: His eyes- look at them. They’re so expressive. He’s so sad.

Alister: Well, what do you think he’s sad about?

Debbie: I think he feels bad about peeing on the carpet this morning. He saw how long it took us to clean up. He’s feeling guilty. He’s trying to apologize. Look at how he’s so focused, trying to connect with us. 

Alister: He is staring at us, I will give you that.

Debbie: Oh Alister, I can’t stand it, seeing him feel so bad. I’ll make him feel better, I’ll go buy him some nice new booties.

Alister: Now?

Debbie: Yes, now. I can’t let him get scarred by this guilt.

Alister: He is looking pretty pathetic…

Dog continues staring, all the while thinking: Food. Food. Give me food. I want food. Why aren’t they giving me food? Can’t they tell I want food?

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6 responses to “For the Love of Dogs

  1. Love this! Reminds me of one of my favorite Larson “The Far Side” cartoons: A man with antennaed headpiece is holding an electronic box labeled “”Dog bark translator” (or some such). He is walking behind a dog on the sidewalk that is barking at another neighborhood dog. The balloons above the dogs’ heads say “Bark! Bark! Bark!” The translation, in the cartoon caption is: “Hey! Hey! Hey!”

    Just as I always suspected! Cracks me up every time I think of it! I LOVE our dog, but why do we insist on anthropomorphizing them?

    • I think I’ve seen that one- Larson is a genius! Thanks for bringing me a smile.
      Yes, why do we anthropomorphize our darling critters? I think their real charm is that they are not human! Let’s appreciate them for what they are.

  2. Chloe

    I like trying to look at the world from a different perspective. The problem is, we humans are all so stuck in our ways aren’t we?

    I’m also a dog lover (not sure if you are…but seems like you could be)…if you’re free to take a look at my little baby (a dog – lol) please do, because I think she rocks. And, IF they mixed dog and children day cares, SHE would probably be teaching it because she’s pretty smart…not that I am biased you understand 😀

    Hope you have a great day, Chloe xx

    • Thanks for coming, Chloe. Stormy looks like a lot of fun. I think dogs can teach both adults and children a new perspective if we only let them. “Everything I know I learned from my dog.”

  3. Fabulous post , Zoe. Macaulay stares when he wants food too, or a walk, or cloakroom time outside 😀 It can get wearing at three in the morning.

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