Creating Smiles

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Creating Adventures

Last week’s theme was about looking at one thing each day from a different perspective. This week is about taking one action each day to create a real life adventure. Thanks to beeblu for this suggestion. (Stop by her site to read some fantastic poetry.)

Let the games begin!

Day 1:

A small group of us (6 gals) got together today and the conversation turned to ways we can weave a bit of inspiration into each others’ lives. One thing led to another, and we created an adventure: 

Each one of us will come up with seven small actions that would bring a smile to someone else. Every day next week we’ll each receive an email from one of the other gals in the group with one of these actions to complete that day. At the end of each day, we’ll email each other to see how things went.

Actions will be things like; ‘Go Christmas caroling at your neighbour’s house’, or ‘Buya coffee for the person behind you in line’, or ‘Talk to the check out clerk and find out how their day is really going’.

So, the action for today was setting up the adventure for next week. Merely setting things up was an adventure in itself in the excitment it sparked within us.

Life is an adventure, let’s have some fun along the way!

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  

The Hitchhiker

It’s cold. He never meant to be outside this late. He rubs his hands together trying to keep the circulation going.

Headlights in the distance. He gets ready.

As the car approaches he sets his sign on the ground against his backpack.

A rush of wind as the car speeds by him.

How long before the next car comes?

He begins to doubt himself, his decision to take this journey.

Squatting, he hugs his legs in, burying his head.

The low rumble of a trailer truck coming closer.

Maybe this time…

Image source

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14 responses to “Creating Smiles

  1. The sorrow of the weary traveler without his own means touches my heart. Where is he going and why? Where has he been? When will he be safe? God only knows and in many cases only He cares. I know He cares.

    What a great idea for adventure. Purposefully planning to make someone’s day shine is bound to provide some real life adventure. Blessings to you…

  2. Love this idea!

    Spread JOY! Spread it around . . .

    Because of our routines we forget that life is an ongoing adventure. ~ Maya Angelou

    • SCROOGE- The Society to Curtail Ridiculous, Outrageous, and Ostentatious
      Gift Exchanges that you mention in your post- fantastic! The hard part is getting those who expect to receive Ridiculous, Outrageous, and Ostentatious Gifts to ‘buy’ into the concept…

  3. Wonderful….it made me think immediately of what Cindy at The Only Cin wrote yesterday. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Hey, Zoë – thanks so much for your generosity of spirit and this very prominent recommendation of my blog. The truth is that “this suggestion” of creating real-life adventures was really triggered entirely by the creative inspiration and perspective-bending ideas you give us almost every day and particularly by your post on the create-your-own-adventure books. I love your group’s wonderful idea of creating smiles and look forward to reading about your experiences 🙂

  5. PS – reading Kate’s comments, I think those memes are at work again… 🙂

  6. This is another great idea! I love the idea of creating smiles, and having a group to share it with, and be responsible to, will make it even more fun! As I make lists and feel pressure getting ready for the holidays, I keep reminding myself that life is about the journey. I can’t wait to read about the rest of your adventures.

  7. Fantastic. I’m going to see how many smiles I can get today as I am out and about.

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