E.T. and the Cows

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Creating Adventures

The adventure I didn’t have today:

It was like the scene in E.T. where Elliot releases the frogs about to be dissected in science class. “Run for your life! Back to the river! Back to the forest! Run!” he screams at them.

There they were, 4,000 cows released from the meat packing plant, free to roam the surrounding countryside.

The media circus was, of course, in full swing- reporters waving microphones in workers’ faces, cameramen alternating between close-ups of individual cows and long-shots of the herd spreading out across the fields.

“We’re tired of killing,” said the staff spokesperson. “We know it will mean we are all out of work, but we just couldn’t take it anymore.”

“What will you do now?” the reporter asked.

“Well, a group of us is raising funds to go on similar campaigns worldwide. We already have contacts, and donors are standing behind us.”

Off-camera he walked toward me, put his hand on my shoulder, and smiled, “We did it. Years of planning and we finally pulled it off.” He then took out a hip-flask, raised it in the the air, and cried out, “Long live the cows!”

What adventure do you wish you’d had today?

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  


The line up is long and I am getting impatient. Conversation has run dry so I look around to distract myself- cars, ice cream stand, a group of- oh, potential point of interest- a group of ladies in front of us. I hadn’t noticed them before.

They are Hutterites. There are three girls who appear to be teenagers, and one older lady. Each has a bonnet, plain coloured top, patterned skirt, and sensible shoes- sneakers. One of the girls is standing to the side and I notice a peculiarity- one of her shoelaces is white, while the other is black. Could this be a subtle form of rebellion? Of trying to stand out? Of asserting individuality?

I imagine her as the girl who pushes the boundaries right to the edge, yet not overstepping them so as not to be called out. She questions and challenges, wonders why and searches out answers. She carries her own opinions.

The line is moving and I snap out of my thoughts. I smile at the girl and see reflected back to me an image of myself.  

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10 responses to “E.T. and the Cows

  1. Love those cows. Wonder how they will handle their freedom. Interesting that this is not an impulsive action, but one which has been carefully planned for a long time.
    Lots to think about today, Zoe. thanks 🙂

  2. Zoe ~ Loved this!

    You will LOVE this post about a rescued Hereford who found her happy ending after spending the first two years of her life isolated in a 10 x10 foot enclosure:

    Some day . . .

    And your post on Individuality . . . EXQUISITE!!!

    • I did indeed love the story of Milkshake you link to- thank you. So much personality- we really do need to rethink how we treat livestock. Human want and convenience provide blinders to doing the right thing.

  3. While the girl with two different shoelaces might only be using what was available, and is perhaps embarrassed by the non-conformance, I also want to believe that this is a subtle rebellion. True or not, it makes such a wonderful scenario.

    • Thanks for dropping in and for providing a different perspective. I went to your site and found a post which got me thinking– the concept of trying to perceive the world through the point of view of another person, attempting to filter out as much of our own selves as we can. In the story of the girl with the shoelaces, I put my own perceptions onto her. What would it be like to try to be in her ‘shoes’?
      I’ll be back to your site to glean more wisdom.

  4. Individuality. Great piece. You saw an image of yourself. You understood her when few else could. Blessings to you…

  5. I’m with Gary Larson on the true nature of cows, so wouldn’t be too keen to see them roaming free a la India… My adventure along the same lines would be to be a kind of caged-bird-freeing vigilante – I absolutely hate to see birds in cages.

    • Birds in cages- like seeing animals in a zoo after being on an African safari.
      Cows- there’s probably a happy medium somewhere- out of the slaughterhouse, yet not roaming the cities. They are smarter than we give them credit for, and definitely cuter than people think. Look into those eyes, they’re beautiful! 🙂

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