Too Much Lemonade

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Creating Personalities

We live our entire lives as ourselves, experiencing life from our own points of view, through the filter of our own personalities. What would it be like to experience life as someone else, even for just a moment?

That’s what I’m experimenting with this week. I’ll try to put another person/character in the foreground of my personality and myself in the background for a few moments each day.

Today I took on Nina, the overly cheery Corporate Accounts lady from the movie Office Space. You know the type, everything is always super-duper, make lemonade out of lemons, happy, happy, happy.

Nina stepped into a couple of interactions I had over the past 24 hours. First, I pulled her out while talking about a mundane topic with a couple of people I know. At the end of the conversation, Nina beamed from ear to ear and wished the two others a “Very joyous day!”. I was met with a sarcastic smile and slight eyeball rolling. Fully absorbed as the character of Nina, I felt my eyes go big, giving a “Who peed in your cornflakes?” look. I brushed off the reaction and continued on my merry way.

It was a new experience for me, not my usual way of ending a conversation or responding to sarcastic mockery.

Nina came back later in the day to interact with a fellow exuberantly happy lady. My cheer was met with corresponding cheer, escalated half a notch, to which I squealed back just a little louder- as did she. Pretty soon our interaction spiraled into a back-and-forth of stupendous glee and I just couldn’t take it anymore! I pushed Nina out of the way and took back control of myself. That was the end of that.

Like hats to match outfits, putting on and taking off various people may come in handy. If nothing else, it’ll contribute to my personal amusement. And that’s worth something- to me anyway.

Thanks to Ric at for inspiring the idea of getting inside a character.

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 Today’s 4 Minute Writer  

Rabbit Hole

I looked down the rabbit hole, down, down. It seemed endless, and yet, from somewhere down below, I saw what could have been someone who looked like me.

And there I was, at once at the bottom of the rabbit hole, and at the same time at the top.

“Is that you down there?”

“Is that you up there?”

Occupying space, standing there, me looking back at me, reflecting, pondering, puzzling. Stoic. Backlit against the desert sky, barely visible in the dark cavern, shades of time, shades of feelings. Same person, same time, alternate reactions to the same circumstance.

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14 responses to “Too Much Lemonade

  1. “What would it be like to experience life as someone else, even for just a moment?”

    Isn’t that why people are inclined to experiment with meditation, magic mushrooms, marijuana, and LSD? To get out of their “own head” if just for a short time? 🙂

    Loved both these posts ~ looking down the Rabbit Hole reminds me of the Alice, the hookah smoking caterpillar, the cheshire cat, and Grace Slick’s White Rabbit (“one pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small, and the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all”)

    Two quick fixes:
    escalated half a noch ~ notch?
    Like hasts to match outfits ~ hats?

    • Thanks for letting me know about the spelling errors. I can assure you that they were not caused by a drug-induced impairment in intellectual funtioning– I mean functioning 🙂
      Alice in Wonderland is truly a phenomenal work. As a child, I had large chunks of Jabberwocky and The Walrus and the Carpenter memorized. Maybe the lines still lurk somewhere in the back of my mind.

  2. Zoe, you never cease to amaze me. Sounds like Nina was quite a handful. Reminds me of that car lease cashier in Planes, Trains and Automobiles who meets Steve Martin when the car he was meant to drive was stolen. Bright, breezy and infuriating…
    Good to have you back 😀

  3. duke1959

    Keep in mind that at the end of they day when you lay your head on your pillow you have to account to you and only you about your day.

  4. Perhaps only Nina can pull off being Nina with grace, and chances are that Nina would make a bad Zoe. Mingle the two together? Interesting experience.

    I love the Alice-in-Wonderland photo and dialog. I don’t remember it being part of Alice in Wonderland, and I don’t think I read the book. I saw only the movie version some time in my childhood. Possibly, this photo had nothing to do with the original Alice. I like the dialog. It’s great for this post. You are very creative in a million ways:

    And there I was, at once at the bottom of the rabbit hole, and at the same time at the top.

    “Is that you down there?”

    “Is that you up there?”

  5. The picture is from the latest movie version of Alice in Wonderland done by Tim Burton. I haven’t seen it either but heard it was good.
    Your comment about Nina making a bad Zoe got me thinking- what if someone tried one of these experiments using me as the person they became for a few moments? Maybe I’ll get someone to try this before the week is done…
    And so, ideas build, from one person to another- thanks for getting me on this train of thought.

  6. Chloe

    First off…you have my mouth watering with that gorgeous looking lemonde…here in the UK, ‘our’ version of lemonade is of the carbonated/fizzy variety…kind of like 7UP or Sprite….we don’t do the non-fizzy ‘homemade’ version…. I’ve been to America a few times and I was in HEAVEN when I ordered a lemonade and got some drink made by the Gods!!!

    Hope you have a great day….and don’t feel too bad about making my mouth water…ha ha xx

    • I did not know that about the lemonade in the UK. It’s like iced tea- a lot of places in the US serve unsweetened iced tea and not the sweetened variety whereas here in Canada the unsweetened kind is hard to find and the sweetened kind is everywhere. I much prefer the pre-sweetened stuff!

  7. Your Nina experiment made me smile – I hopeless at being effusive and just fade into bland silence around the Ninas of the world, so am thankful we’re not all like me 😀

    • I tend to go between extremes with Ninas- sometimes challenging their overly cheerful attitudes, sometimes just fading into silence. Then again, apparently sometimes I am the Nina 🙂

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