The Interrogation Room

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If I have to be stuck in the great indoors, I need to have windows. A windowless room cuts me off from the rest of the world, trapping me in a shoebox that’s running out of air.

I stepped into a shoebox today. A gentleman showed me in and then closed the door behind us. There we were in the sealed rectangle of four empty walls, an oblong table, and a few chairs. No windows. “Feels like an interrogation room,” I thought, sensing the walls closing in around me. I mustered all my energy to stop myself from bolting.

“Interrogation room.” The words echoed in my mind. “Just like on NCIS… Hey… Gibbs, the calm, wise team lead of few words- what would he be like on the receiving end in the NCIS interrogation room?”

A shield fell around me as I imagined myself as Gibbs, sitting down slowly, controlled. Like Gibbs would have done (in my mind), I nodded slightly as the gentleman spoke and gave him a look that showed I knew more than I said.

My heart rate stabilized, I was poised, focused, oblivious to the shoebox I was in. The rest of my time in the” interrogation room” went smoothly. Gibbs’s calm held.

How interesting that being able to imagine oneself as another person can open a much-needed window to let in a cool breeze in a moment of discomfort.

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  


2012- the end of the world. Of course they made a movie of it. They, them, the ones who run the world- according to the conspiracy theories. They pull the strings, we dance. We’ll flock to the theatres, buy the t-shirts, incorporate the anxiety of immanent doom into our psyches. That way we’ll go to more movies to escape our existential angst, buy more merchandise to soothe our souls, and so keep the economy humming along. How else did we think the world kept turning?

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13 responses to “The Interrogation Room

  1. Maybe I’m like old Nero, but I guess if the end was at hand I’d just keep on playing music.

    Dr. B

  2. If the Bible is true, there is no actual end, only periods of time, destinations, and eternity (which is timeless). And if the Bible is true, then no one knows the day or the hour regarding this timetable, no one but God the Father. My plan is to live and love God.

    I like your Gibbs plan. Looking from a different perspective at something may change everything in the experience. Great post. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you…

  3. Loved The Interrogation Room, especially: “How interesting that being able to imagine oneself as another person can open a much-needed window to let in a cool breeze in a moment of discomfort.”

    And your 2012 is spot on!

    We are puppets dancing to “their tune” . . . unless and until we open our eyes and sever the strings.

    • Agreed re: your comment on us being puppets dancing to their tune until we sever the strings. I could get on quite a rant about this, but I’ll keep myself in check (maybe putting on my Gibbs persona to do that…). Truly, it is our own individual responsibility to decide how much we let our strings be pulled by those with their own agendas.

  4. Great post, Zoe, and great tactic. I must remember that one. I love the look that shows you know more than you say. I have one of those, although invariably I know a great deal less than my look might indicate 🙂

  5. V

    Excuse my ignorance…. but what is NCIS and who is Gibbs?

    • It’s the second of the two tv shows I watch. It stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service and is about a team of special agents who solve crimes involving the US Navy and Marine Corps. Jethro Gibbs is their team lead. YouTube has some clips if you’re curious.
      What I like about the show is that it feels like you really get to know the characters- they’re like people you and I know.

  6. What a great perspective “How interesting that being able to imagine oneself as another person can open a much-needed window to let in a cool breeze in a moment of discomfort.” I have a potential ‘interrogation room’ situation coming up (not literal of course) and I will be using this tactic to help me through it. Thanks once again.

  7. Chloe

    A refreshing perspective on an otherwise difficult situation…

    I love your words “can open a much-needed window to let in a cool breeze in a moment of discomfort”…I need to look for one of them as sometimes that’s exactly what you need in life xx

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