Ebb & Flow

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Rethinking Christmas 


That’s it. It’s all over now- turkey, stuffing, stockings, tinsel, Santas, sugar plums, turtle doves- done, gone, and finished. 

So now what?

Well, there’s still New Year’s Eve, that one last hurrah before the winter doldrums set in again. From the crescendo of festivities to the bareness of cold, dark days. How to reconcile these two extremes.

In truth, we need both. Neither is sustainable for long. We only have so much energy to put into grand celebrations, needing molasses-slow days to rest up. Yet, too much molasses mires us in stagnation.

Paying attention to where we are in this ebb and flow of these two modes will show us when to seek the balance of the other, and leave us fresh to follow our creative pursuits.

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  


It’s past midnight. She meant to be asleep hours ago, but the rhythmic movement of yarn through her fingers held her in its spell- just one more row, then another, and another. She knows she is tired, but does not feel it. Hers is a labour of love, creating what she hopes will be a treasure passed down from generation to generation.

She wishes she still had her great-grandmother’s handiwork that had been passed down to her, but the violent movement of soldiers through her town held her past in its possession.

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17 responses to “Ebb & Flow

  1. Great post, Zoe: it is the great Monday morning of the year, the time immediately after New Year….but necessary.

  2. Chloe

    Contrast in life is essential in order for us to appreciate things….so we need the good/bad, happy/sad etc…

    Hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful New Years’ Eve and that 2011 is a great year for you 😀 xx

  3. Heirloom. What a beautiful piece, Zoe! Very touching.

    You are so right that we need both our festivities and the more ordinary days that follow. Balance. Necessary for optimal performance. Great post! Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m not sure what suddenly got me thinking along the lines of that Heirloom piece. We just never know what’s going to come out when we sit down to write.
      Happy One Last Hurrah to you.

  4. We enjoyed the festivities . . . but I’m delighted with the generally slower pace of life.

    Thanks, Zoe! Happy New Year.

    • Glad the festivities went over well for you.
      I’m a little conflicted on the whole festivities mode vs slower pace. Seems when I’m in one I prefer the other. As long as I can use the energy of discontentment to constructive ends things should work out ok.
      Happy New Year to you as well.

  5. When things aren’t going well in life I always comfort myself with the reminder that there is no constant state of being. I’ll do the same when I have to get back to ‘reality’ soon. Thanks Zoe, have a Happy New Year!

  6. Great post Zoe. Balance is very necessary but so is being unbalanced.

  7. Happy New Year. I love Christmas and it brought many blessing this year, including a grandson that was born on Boxing Day. You are right about “too much molasses” and the less I do, the less I want to do. I’m ready to get back to work and harvest the best of 2011.

  8. I love the excitement and the lazy days, but I must say, I am ready for the predictability to return, at least for a few days. Happy New Year!

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