Mixed Up Senses

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Sometimes I wish I could take in the world in a completely different way, challenging all I assume. If I could experience life through mixed up senses for even just one day, what would I find a rainbow tastes like, or hear if I listened to a cloud? 

Would an aria smell like flowery perfume, or the wind show me colours riding its wings? Could I touch the melting words uttered by a dying patient or catch a robin’s song?

Experiencing the world in a wildly different way is not far from any of our reach. All it takes is the sense of wonder and a willingness to try.

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  

The Dance

She strikes her ballerina pose, tutu flared, welcoming her dance partner.

He comes to her, drawn by the sweetness of her nectar.

She giggles at the serenade of his wing beats, sighs at his speedy steps.

In this moment so brief they follow the ancient melody, knowing what it is to have been made for each other.

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23 responses to “Mixed Up Senses

  1. There are people who do experience the world in just that way. It is called synesthesia, and it is indeed a magical experience–if you let it be. It can be terrible, too, though.
    A most poetic posting. Very nice.

    • Ah, memories of Psych class come flooding back. The talk of synesthesia in that context was of brain functioning and neural pathways. Not sure why there couldn’t have been more mention of the magic in the midst of clinical analysis.

  2. Great post and story! Such imagery and employment of the senses in writing! Perhaps we cannot see color in the wind with our eyes, but in our imaginations provoked by such skillful writing, we may experience color in the wind, taste a rainbow, hear a cloud speak, and perhaps even enjoy the coffee-like aroma of a warm song.

    The Dance is delightful to read. How did you find a ballerina flower? It’s perfect, Zoe! Blessings to you…

    • Thanks Carol Ann. I searched Google Images using the term “Sense of Wonder” and found that beautiful photo. It was the second place winner of a photo contest. And the words flowed from there.

  3. ‘Cause I can sniff, I can see
    And I can count up pretty high
    But these faculties aren’t getting me
    Any closer to the sky
    But my heart of faith keeps pounding
    So I know I’m doing fine,
    But sometimes finding You,
    Is just like trying to,
    Smell the color nine.
    – Chris Rice

    • The relationship between faith and senses would be an interesting one to study in-depth. Information we take in through our senses can heighten our faith- the beauty of a sunset, the aroma of chocolate (seriously!!) can draw us to thanking the Giver of these gifts.
      On the other hand we use faith to interpret what we take in through our senses…

  4. Beautiful posts, Zoe

    That top graphic just WOWS me! Engaging ALL my senses. Thanks.

  5. Totally true, we humans have a need to explore.
    It mustn’t be subdued.
    Good look with your explorations

  6. Ok, Zoe, these memes are starting to freak me out – I have spent the past 10 days at a beach cottage photographing guess what in its garden? The wild passionfruit flower!

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  8. What a beautiful post Zoe. Thankyou for challenging us to be ready and responsive and fully engaged.

  9. V

    Rachel Carson has a piece of writing called “A Sense of Wonder”. Check it out.

  10. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for that moment.

  11. Hope all is well and that you’ll be back writing soon, Zoë. bb

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