Those We Do Not Speak Of

 Notes on Creativity

There are beings so terrifying that they should only be referred to a “Those We Do Not Speak Of”. Creatures that fall into this category- and I mention them by name here only out of necessity- include telemarketers, tax agents, and parking enforcers.

Don’t get me wrong, these may be perfectly decent human beings, but put them into their work clothes and they emit a repellant so strong that just the mention of their occupations elicits spiked blood pressure, increased heart rate, sweaty palms, and sudden onset Terrets.

Therefore, in the interests of public health, the term ‘Those We Do Not Speak Of’ is highly recommended.

In fact, why not take it a step further and replace the name of anything that displeases you with a neutral, or even pleasant term. ‘Monday morning’ could become ‘At least I’m not going to the dentist day’ (unless you are, in which case ‘Monday morning’ suits perfectly), ‘Housework’ could be renamed ‘That which someone else should be doing’, and ‘Fighting traffic’ could be referred to as ‘Playing bumper cars in my head’.

The power of positive thinking used again to make this a better world for all.

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  


It’s a legislated requirement for buildings to have well-marked signs reading ‘Exit’ denoting ways to leave the building in case of emergency.

She pauses for a moment as she considers this, and then inspiration lands. She grabs some bristol board, a thick red marker, scissors, aluminum edging, screws, small chains. She hangs signs randomly around her apartment against walls, on cupboards, behind open bookshelves. The signs all read ‘No Exit’. Why just mark what is and not also what is not?

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16 responses to “Those We Do Not Speak Of

  1. Every single bit of this post brought a huge grin to my face. Those on your list go onto mine, along with, of course. Voldemort. . .

    To your Exit, might I post the same sign on my blog? Might be a way of keeping followers there – at least once they enter. . .

  2. You’ve reminded me that it’s time to do our tax return. I keep forgetting it, which is stupid, since we should get a refund. The way things are changing on Planet Earth, perhaps we’ll owe instead.

    I laughed at the “no exit” signs posted in an apartment. I must hang a sign on my door that says: Exit Only. No, I mean Only Exit. Blessings to you, Zoe…

  3. Welcome back, Zoe. I’ve missed your posts.

    So, other displeasing things that we should find new names for:
    Politicians * Lobbyists * BP Oil Company * Wal-Mart * Able bodied people collecting disability * Ax murderers * Child molesters * Animal abusers

    Maybe we can just put an Exit Sign on the planet and have them disappear into a parallel universe?

  4. Ah, Zoe’s perspective. There’s nothing quite like it. If anyone can turn the world on its head, you can: great idea; I love Nancy’s comment too. It reminded me of a PD James futuristic novel where everyone bad in Britain had been herded into an island away from everyone else.

    Great returning post. Thanks.

  5. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out the photo. Then, I decided maybe it was best left a mystery. 😉 Great post! Glad you are blogging again, I always enjoy your perspective and creativity.

    • Thanks Shawna. Blogging can take a bit of brainpower that I don’t always have. I hope taking a break gave my brain a chance to power back up.
      The phrase “Those We Don’t Speak Of” is in M. Night Shyamalan’s 2004 movie The Village. The picture is of the creature referred to by that phrase. Since watching the movie, The Wise One in the House and I use “Those We Do Not Speak Of” instead of the actual word anytime there’s a topic that is far too contentious to name. It’s worked out quite nicely 🙂

  6. Lol, perhaps going to work can be better described ‘go help someone i know get rich’
    No entry, you definitely should also have no exit signs everwhere

    • So many things we could rename!
      What lovely decorations all these signs can make. And cheap too so you don’t have to do to much ‘help someone I know get rich’ to make enough money to decorate 🙂

  7. Oh, I could find so many things to name “That which someone else should be doing” – getting out of bed for a start 😀 Great, quirky perspective, Zoë

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