The Story of Your Life

If you had to write the story of your life in a mere 250 words, how would it read? Would it be a mystery, drama, romance, adventure? What would be the overarching theme? Who would be the supporting characters? From whose point of view would you write?

I wonder how clearly we see the story of our lives. Taking the time to think about it could make the difference in finding our “Happily ever after”.

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  

The Silent Days

Film shot in black and white. Silent. Women in overaccentuated eyeliner. Men in regal top hats. Flowing sequins gowns. Faces veiled in mystery. The world of elegance and simplicity, graced by curtsies and “how do you dos”.

I peek from behind the thick velvet curtain, waiting for the director to command “Action!”.

The stars mill about, maintaining their poise. They don’t know I’m here, trespassing their era, sneaking a sip from the fountain of yesteryear. It is better for me to be here with them, than for them to be in my day. There they have all been filed into back rooms of libraries and archived into film study collections, replaced by pyrotechnics and botox.

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15 responses to “The Story of Your Life

  1. What a profoundly wonderful challenge Zoe. While it seems like it might be a simple thing to do, I imagine it’s not easy. I guess I’ll find out because I’m going to do it.

    • Let us know how it goes. I think the key would be to figure out what the overarching theme is and then to build the story from there. Taking the vastness of our experiences and choosing the one thing to tie it all together would be quite the challenge. I may have to try it myself…

  2. Lately I think my life story would be entitled Fear. I think I need to edit my story.

    • It’s never too late. Sometimes all it takes is a catalyst, other times it’s a matter of one small step after the other. Maybe writing the story down the way you want it to read can inspire to start making it a reality.

  3. Eerie are the thoughts of visiting here from yesteryear to see oneself in a file marked obsolete. Think how interesting it will be to mingle with people of past ages when we arrive at our final destination.

    I’ve been advised, in fun, a few times over the years that I should write the story of my life. I wouldn’t know whether to call it tragedy or comedy. Someday I’ll understand it all. Until then, I’ll cry or laugh and be glad it’s only history. Blessings to you, Zoe…

    • From the snippets of your life I’ve caught on your blog, I agree with those who have suggeted that you write the story of your life. It would make a great read, and give us a lot to learn from.
      Yes, the reunion at the final destination with so many interesting folks we’ve never met or heard of is going to be quite something!

  4. Mystery and adventure with a heavy dose of comedy tossed into the mix.

    And . . . you’ve inspired me.
    I’m going to write My Life in 250 Words.

  5. It would be very vague.
    But then it may appeal to my attention span. lol

  6. This poem speaks to the story of our lives:

    No one lives his life.
    Disguised since childhood,
    haphazardly assembled
    from voices and fears and little pleasures,
    we come of age as masks.
    Our true face never speaks
    Somewhere there must be storehouses
    Where all these lives are laid away
    like suits of armor or old carriages
    or clothes hanging limply on the walls.
    All paths lead there,
    to the repository of unlived things.
    –Rainer Maria Rilke*

    • Perhaps it’s about moments. I think there are moments when our true face does speak. Other moments find us choosing the mask- it helps us to survive. If the moments of the true face speaking could all be strung together back to back, a different story may emerge.

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