Cheap Entertainment

I suppose it was a bit rude if not downright disrespectful. But we couldn’t help it- there was no way we could deny ourselves such riotous belly laughs.

There we were, just faces in a crowd with so many others. There were groups of twos and threes, even a table of ten or so, everyone engrossed in their own conversations- except for us.

We strategically placed ourselves across the room from a couple of ladies having an intense conversation full of animated gestures and wild head shaking. We were in the mood for a movie, you see, without the will to part with the money, given the prices these days. We have both watched our share of foreign dubbed movies, appreciating the quality content. Today, we decided to create our own.

My friend took on the voice of the middle-aged hippie-looking lady, and I took on the wide-eyed scarf-lady. My friend began dubbing over the mouthed words of the hippy, “Oh my goodness, Chelsea, I so love your hair! I’ve always wanted dry, stringy hair but just haven’t been able to make that look happen for me.”

The scarf lady stared back intently at her conversation partner, soaking in every word. After a poignant pause, she spoke with these words of mine, “Anastasia, I don’t appreciate you putting yourself down like that. You have such beautiful vomit-orange highlights, and amazingly uneven lengths- your hair is a work of art. You need to appreciate yourself more.”

Hippy lady swung her arms in wide circles, “Oh, Chelsea, you’re the best friend anyone could ever have in the whole world! You are so good to me, I just can’t believe you’re my friend. I– I’m touched.”

And on these ladies went to speak- through the words we lent them without their knowledge- of boiled cabbage, undersized Speedos, and rainbow-painted VW vans. We were howling so loudly that we wondered if someone noticed. Maybe at another table others picked us out of the crowd and were inserting words into our mouths.

In this day and age with rising prices and a depressed economy, we need to get creative to find cheap entertainment. This method of do-it-yourself live dubbed ‘movies’ can be applied anywhere, anytime. All it takes is the ability to scout out suitable ‘actors’ and an imagination to improvise the ‘script’. Just bring along some munchies, and enjoy!

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  

The Gift of Presence

I cannot take away your loss, or erase the things that happened. I haven’t got any answers for you, or words that will make it alrght.

But I will sit with you and listen as you cry your tears and recount the moments engraved in your heart. I will smile as you tell me of the happy times you shared and will hold your hand when as it shakes.

I will sit with you.

I will sit with you and hope that it is of some comfort to you. It is all I have to offer.  

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13 responses to “Cheap Entertainment

  1. That’s excellent! You get to practice scripting funny dialogue while saving money and having a few laughs.


    • What? How is it that I missed responding to your comment!? My apologies, Nancy! I am definitely slacking in the blogging realm these days.
      It sure is fun to make your own ‘movies’. All the better when your fellow script writer is quick witted!

  2. Having recently lost one of my uncles, your ‘gift of presence’ really hit home with me, thanks Zoe.

    • I think just being there with someone is the best gift we can give most times. That’s what we remember of people too, isn’t it- their presence with us in our lives. Sounds like you had a special bond with your uncle.

  3. Cheap entertainment.
    Like when people play cops and robbers as kids.
    If only adults could do something like that, lol
    Touching words, that the best any of us can do

    • At what point do we become too grown up and stop playing cops and robbers? Is it possible to never stop? Thanks for the idea to start up again- definitely cheap entertainment!

  4. Fun! Now I will be looking around to see if someone is recreating my dialogue. Ha ha!

    I have always thought being there was the best you can give someone.

  5. My wife used to say we were too poor to go to the free movies, but we had fun anyway.

    Dr. B

    • You and your wife sound like the kind of people who don’t wait for the fun to come to you, but are the ones to bring it into any situation. Here’s to being your own fun!

  6. V

    I saw this being done in a movie, and it was awesome! So many laughs… I think Steve Carell was in this movie…. ya ya “Date night”. So awesome!

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