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Art as Transformation

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Healing through Creativity

There is some pain that words cannot express- a crash that robs a six-year old of his parents, a child diagnosed with leukemia, years of struggle with mood. No words can console, no words can erase.

For healing to occur, pain must gently be released from the inner soul where it has taken residence. Only then can losses be grieved and solace be sought.

Sometimes creating art can be used to free deeply buried emotions. Images become metaphors for feelings, and symbols represent traumatic events. Colour and shape become the visual voices for re-experiencing profound pain in a way that helps transform terror and despair into healing and hope.

Slowly, over time, and with guidance, images and symbols can be transformed to tell a new story, one beyond the pain, one that includes a renewed passion for life.

Do we make room in our lives for symbolic expression of that which words cannot express?


Today’s 4 Minute Writer      


No predators, lots of prey. Suspended in my element, free from gravity, marking time by the gentle ebb and flow of sunlight and darkness, rhythmically waving delicate fins through invisible resistance yielding to my touch.


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