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Creativity and Change

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Characteristics of Creativity

Whenever we discover new ways to see old things, or explore  life in a new direction, we inevitably have to let go of something.

Creativity requires us to change.

It’s like the moment a child starts play school and has to leave behind her teddy bear for the first time. She cannot imagine being without her old friend- she does not yet know the new friends she will make.

Of course, not all change is for the good- the thing you let go of may be better than the thing you find.

And so, with creativity and change, wisdom must be added to the mix. Being aware of the potential consequences of a creative pursuit will help in deciding whether or not to head down that road.

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  

The Man and the Penny

I take no notice of him at first. He’s just a man in the busy coffee shop making his way toward the bathroom. But then, as he crosses in front of the counter, he bends down to pick up what appears to be a penny, and puts it in his pocket.

I’m staring now.

His clothes don’t fit quite right. His pants hang off him like they’re three sizes too big, the sleeves of his button-down shirt are rolled up past his elbows. His boots drag as he walks.

He had picked up a penny.

My friend asks if I’m paying attention to what she’s telling me about the fight she had with her boyfriend. “Yeah. Yeah, of course I am,” I re-focus.

A few minutes later I’m distracted again as the man walks back the other way and takes a seat in the corner.

He doesn’t have a drink or food, nor does he order anything the whole time we are there.

I wonder if I should buy him something. Would that be patronizing? Am I making stereotyped assumptions about who he is? What assumptions, exactly, am I making? Would he take offense to my offer? What would he think of my motives? What, indeed, would my motives be?

I can think myself out of anything.

As my friend and I get up to leave, I head to the counter and say to the girl ready to take my order, “You see that man over there? This should cover a large latte and a chocolate square for him. Please take it to him.”

We walk out. There is a shopping cart with empty bottles parked just outside the doors.

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