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He has a plan. Of course. There’s always a plan. Never leave home without one. Never. His whole life, planned. How else can you be successful in life? You have to have goals. Without them, you end up nowhere. Fast. Not him. Not a chance.

Then there’s his sister, the ‘free spirit’. Free?? Really? She calls living  hand to mouth in a smelly apartment in Nothingsville, USA free? Please, who is she trying to kid. She blows in the wind, letting life carry her wherever it chooses. No control over her own destiny.


That’s really what it’s all about for him, isn’t it. His plans, his goals make him feel like he is the master of his own fate, the ruler of his own destiny.

Control. Hmmmm…. Landing on planet earth at this precise time, place, and circumstance a matter of his own control and choosing… Being able to think, feel, live, breathe- all acts of his own control…

And then there’s the matter of demise. Unpreventable.


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