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Banish the Inner Critic

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Blockers to Creativity

“I can’t believe I said that! What an idiot I am!” Admit it, you’ve heard that voice inside your head. And then, what do you know, you feel like an idiot. And you stew on what you did. And you dig yourself deeper and deeper into a hole. It’s dark down there, way, way down there. Depressing place to be.

It’s that same nasty voice that tries to convince you not to pursue your creative dreams. “Your stuff isn’t any good. No one will like it. You don’t have any ideas.” Well forget that voice! Rather than listening to it, relegate it to the realm of insignificance. It’s not about debunking the content of the voice, the inner critic. Trying to fight on its ground just digs you a hole. Pushing it to the side and continuing on your journey leaves the critic sniveling in the corner- no one’s listening. So what if your stuff isn’t good or no one likes it? If you want to write, write! If you want to dance, dance! Enjoy the process, getting words out of your head and onto the page, or learning new ways to express who you are- enjoy the discovery along the way. The 4 minute writer is the perfect way to bypass the critic and enjoy the ride.


Today’s 4 Minute Writer


Pass the pizza
Pass the pretzels
Don’t let my ice tea run out
Waitress, can you get me some more hot wings- extra sauce.
So much trash! We call this food? May as well head to the back alley behind McDonald’s and chow down, same dif.
How is it possible that we eat so much crap and still live to our mid-80s? Do our cells slowly transform into plastic proving to be durable until critical mas and then we just cease to function? Maybe that’s what cancer really is, the plastification of he human body caused by excess chemical intake.
We don’t even know what real food is anymore. Even Farmers’ Markets bring us ‘local’ food from hundreds of miles away- and who knows what they have to do to get it here ‘fresh’.
But, this is the world we live in- artificial food, artificial flowers, synthetic fibers, fake smiles and facades for relationships.
Does anyone still look for ‘Real? Does anyone still take the time to look at what may lay beneath the rug, between the pages of hardcover books, or inside the eyes of their lover?
Take a moment, maybe two. Look deeply into the eyes of your love, unflinching, unwandering, undistracted. What do you see? What do you feel with no escape, no distraction to take away this glimpse into what’s Real?

Tomorrow’s 4 Minute Writer topic: Vibrant

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