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It’s All in the Genes, Baby

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Creativity & The Divine

Supposing that The Divine created us, to what extent should we re-create ourselves?  That is, how much do we improve on the original design before we go so far as to destroy it?

Along the spectrum of self-improvements, we have hair dyes, anti-aging creams, plastic surgeries, organ transplants, artificial limbs, and so on all the way up to genetic engineering.

Some improvements are small and harmless, and do nothing to alter the fundamental structure of the original.

Other improvements propose to eliminate design flaws. For example, genetic engineering holds the promise of one day stopping genetic disorders such as Down’s Syndrome and Klinefelter Syndrome. The thought is that these disorders are not part of the original design and that getting rid of them restores the creation to its intended design.

Genetic engineering could also be used to enhance more desirable characteristics- eye colour, height, intelligence. This, then, leads to questions around the value of one human being over another.

Perhaps the most controversial of genetic engineering is gene splicing. This technique involves taking pieces of one type of DNA and inserting them into another. This could lead to an entirely new species- a completely new kind of human, an ‘improved’ human. Is this what we ultimately want?

When I started this post, I drew the line before eliminating design flaws. I didn’t think we should stop someone from having Down’s Syndrome. But then I asked myself: if I were given the choice to come into this world with it or without it, which would I choose? And now I’m not so sure about where to draw the line. What do you think?


Today’s 4 Minute Writer      


If there were two of me, how much better life would be! I would always have someone who knew how I felt, agreed with my views, and enjoyed what I liked.

I could sleep in on Mondays and still be at work, not do my homework and still get straight A’s. I could skip the broccoli and just eat dessert, miss all the fights and just kiss and make up.

The only problem I see is if she were like me, she would want what I want and there’d be nothing left for me.

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