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Golden Moments

You know the feeling- that rush of adrenalin, that fire in your belly, that excitement that grips you when you’re doing what you were made to do- and loving it. Everything just clicks and you’re flying on a natural high.

Those moments are golden nuggets, small and self-contained, precious gems brightening acres of blandness.

Think back over the years and remember those moments in your life when you felt truly alive in this way. Write them down. Do you notice a pattern? Is there a common thread? Take a look at when those moments came and in what context. If you can identify that, think of ways to put yourself into situations that will increase your chances of living more of these golden moments.

Your list of golden moments can also encourage you and put into perspective the rest of your life, energizing you.

Go ahead, step away from the computer, grab a paper and pen, the old-fashioned way, and start making your list.

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  


Empty pale blue eyes, wisps of aging white framing his face. Deep lines cut around his eyes, crows-feet dancing at his temples. Gritting teeth hold back decades of repressed anger over a damaged childhood, a belittling wife, a berating boss.

He stews in the juices of his own hidden rage.

He has ruined it, really- his own life, I mean, poisoned his mind with thoughts of revenge, painted his world with jealousy, peppered his interactions with backhanded compliments.

His heart is black.

There is only one place which gives him release from his self-imposed prison.

When the stage lights go up and the crowd falls silent, he is transformed. From a depth he can no longer relate to, a life breaks forth and breathes into every fiber of his being, infusing it with a vibrancy he has long forgotten.

Heart-wrenching wails, joyous ecstasies, gut-level determination possess him as his body is rocked by the words filling his soul, running freely from his lips. A long-forgotten connection with the truth of each moment carries him into the hearts of the audience that grips onto the lifeline he throws out to them.

They live through him, holding out all their long-suppressed dreams and tear-stained hopes for him to capture.

Yet, when the lights go down and the crowd jumps to its feet, the cloud of night descends on him once more, and the audience’s hearts shrink back to deep within their bosoms. The connection is forgotten- until the next curtain call.

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