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No Idea Where to Get Ideas

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Blockers to Creativity

Perhaps your life is full of the routine- bills to pay, traffic to fight, deadlines to meet, errands to run. You want to infuse some ‘heart and soul’, some creativity. And you have no idea where to start. So you don’t. And life goes on- the bills, the traffic, the deadlines. It’s a rut, but you have no idea where to start.

So many times, the answer to seemingly difficult questions is to go the simple route. Instead of arbitrarily adding something to your life, use the mundane you are already involved in to ignite ideas. Start to really pay attention to the world around you as you move about in it. When you sit in traffic, look around- what is the person in the car beside you doing? What does it feel like to be inching along for what feels like hours? What is your opinion of the flashing digital display advertising teeth whitening? Hone your skills of observation and be aware of your gut-level responses. Write these down and see what direction they take you in: maybe you start a blog about what you notice, or discover a new interest to explore further. The more present you are in your life, the more you’ll find your ‘heart and soul’ and find opportunities to pursue it.


Today’s 4 Minute Writer

Big Brown Puppy Dog Eyes

Her eyes go wide with excitement, turning into perfect circles, framed by protruding triangular ears. Her tail swings so rapidly- can that thing fall off if it moves too quickly? At other times the eyes are shaped like sideways almonds, head hung low, tail drooping. She confesses even before I notice the garbage torn apart on the floor.

Right now, her eyes are barely open. She’s had a long day full of chasing sticks and making sure the neighbourhood dogs know that this is her turf. Her body begins to twitch as her eyes glaze over and start to see images in another place.

She’s a good dog, knows what she wants out of life: a little playing, some petting, peeing in the tall grass, sunning on the back deck, and the more food the better!

Behind those closed eyes she watches the plate of KFC that’s sitting too close to the edge of the counter tumble down right in front of her face. Now she can spend all night enjoying the aftermath as the scene replays itself over and over again. What a happy dog.

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