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The Inner Fire

Does everyone have it, or is it only a certain type of person? Is it part of being human, or just for those predisposed to it? That fire that blazes in the inmost being- does everyone experience it? Do some just squelch it to make life easier for themselves? It can be rather inconvenient at times, igniting severe discomfort. To fan it into full flame can be dangerous. It can blaze out of control. To ignore it can be ever so practical, allowing a smooth chameleon-like existence– be who you need to be to get what you want in any given circumstance. Know the rules, play the game, get what you want. What you will get is a life of ease and accomplishment.

For those who are all too keenly aware of that drive for something beyond comfort and niceties, life is not so easy. They will not yield, or bend, or conform. They check with their internal compass and blurt out any discrepancies between it and the outer world. Completely inadvisable. They point out the hollowness of changing winds, yes-men, and darkness masquerading as light. They upset the veneer of smoothness. And what do they get in exchange? Shunning and ridicule, marginalization and scoffing. The world turns its back on them. If only they could harness that which burns within them to fight for what truly matters in a way that the world would understand. Then they could reignite what the hollow have lost and teach them how to truly live.

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