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Seeing with New Eyes

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
The Creative Process

Creativity requires new eyes with which to see the world around you. It can be as simple as looking at the everyday with an eye toward finding a story, or as important as finding an imaginative perspective in order to survive.

Everyday event and surroundings can become inspiration for creative writing projects, sketches, or business ideas. That annoying person in your life can become a character in a short story, a pile of garbage can become an idea for a better garbage disposal system, or the theme for a painting that makes a statement on our throw-away society. It’s simply a matter of allowing yourself to look with wonder and openness. 

This same attitude that can make life richer can be critical to overcoming unspeakable horrors.

In the 1997 Italian film Life is Beautiful (La Vita e Bella), a father uses his imagination and whimsical nature to convince his son that their imprisonment in a World War II concentration camp is actually a game in which the duo must hide from camp guards and go through various challenges in order to win a great prize- a tank. Guido, the father, gives his son these playful eyes through which to see so that he can survive both physically and psychologically. The son lives through the ordeal, as does his innocence. Of course, this is just a movie, but the point it makes is powerful. 

Challenge yourself to look at the ordinary through an extraordinary perspective. Translate your observations into a creative project.


Today’s 4 Minute Writer                           

The Garbage Pi

I hated that old couch. Never could stand mustard yellow. Wasn’t my choice to get it, I was just the kid, and you never ask for the kid’s opinion when buying home decor.

I was the one who had to suffer with it more than anyone. Hours in front of the tv, sitting, laying, jumping on it. I hated the fact that the springs dug in and the middle sagged and one of the legs was broken so the whole thing was crooked. I hated the food stains that wouldn’t come off, the tattered edges.

I watched the garbage man take that couch away after 12 years of living with it. I watched as the frame split apart and stuffing flew into the compactor’s jaws. I had the sudden urge to rescue it and bring it back to its spot in the rumpus room. It was too late, though, and my new-found appreciation was wasted. 

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