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The Journey

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:


I sit down to write. I have an uplifting theme in mind, and am eager to explore it through the writing process. I immerse myself in the words spilling onto the keyboard and am drawn into a world apart. The words take me with them through breathtaking views and minefields of danger.

I put the last period in place and go back to read through the journey. I discover that what I set out to write is nowhere to be found. An uplifting piece has turned into a brooding one. The contrast is staggering.

I ask myself what happened and ponder my subconscious, the memes I have encountered of late, and recency effects. It’s all so easy to explain.

And yet, it’s not.

In those moments of being immersed, I know that I am not alone. There is Someone flying ahead of me, and I am merely following. The journey is soul-satisfying when I follow well, and the end result is often unexpected. It’s when I  get tangled in the weeds of morbid introspection, or get sucked down a vortex of self-defeating logic that the bond is severed and what I write no longer carries its satisfying flavour.

I suppose there is still value to be redeemed from the journeys gone wrong. They keep me humble and remind me that mine is to follow, and that the One whom I follow satisfies the soul.

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  

The Journey of a Lifetime

This was it, the journey of a lifetime, the “it” he had been dreaming of all his life. He’d jumped through all the hoops- twelve years of grade school, four years of university, another two years of grad school, thirty-two years of working for the man to support his wife and three kids. Now, it was his turn.

He stood in the airline check-in counter and chatted with the attendant about his round-the-world ticket and his excitement to see the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef, the lions of the Serengeti. She smiled, checked in his baggage, and directed him to the security line.

All his life he had waited for this moment, this moment that would end far sooner than he expected with a heart attack at 35,000 feet.

What are you waiting for?

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Making the Connection

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
Characteristics of Creativity

Ever have one of those moments when a thousand things you’ve been thinking about converge into one cohesive whole? I had one of those mind-crashing experiences while reading David Gauntlett’s site Making is Connecting, based on his book of the same title.
Nearly all of the concepts we’ve been discussing on this blog- like pouring creative energy into the small things of life, the value of handmade goods, the effect of our creative works on others, and using creative energy for the social good- all drew together into one single picture.
Mr. Gauntlett unites all these and other concepts under the banner of connection as the vital characteristic of creativity. He discusses the progression of connecting ideas or materials to each other to form something new, then connecting with other people on this something new, and finally, together with other people, connecting this something new to the world to tackle social problems and global issues.
I needed a moment to soak it all in.
It left me with clarity on defining my next steps: experimenting with connecting thoughts from this blog to actions in my ‘real’ life, reporting back to you online, and seeing how (hopefully) over time something materializes through this to tackle social or global issues.
There was only one concept from our discussions that was missing from Mr. Gauntlett’s single picture: the connection we have been exploring between creativity and the divine. However, I think these words from his book’s conclusion (posted on his site) can also be applied to the divine:
“…others may be able to sense the presence of the maker, in the thing… made- the unavoidably distinctive fingerprint that the thinking-and-making individual leaves on their work, which can foster a sense of shared feeling and common cause…” 
*                    *                    *

For a phenomenal example of connecting a varied range of ideas to each other, see http://kateshrewsday.wordpress.com/ In each post she connects ideas as varied as migraines, IKEA, Wild West movies, and a pile of laundry into a wonderfully woven whole. 

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  

The Happiness Bubble

He lives in his own world, oblivious to the reactions of others and to the misery of the world. He has been this way since birth, always happy, living inside his own bubble. Someone dismisses him, he doesn’t notice; the news cries out rumors of wars, he merely shrugs his shoulders.

The disparity between his reactions and the natural response to circumstances worries his wife. She has never seen him angry or ever heard him complain. “Why can’t he be more like other husbands?” she asks her friends. “Why can’t my husband be more like yours?” they reply.

And then one day, the unthinkable happens- the entire political and economic world order collapses. Complete chaos ensues- food supply chains crumble, laws cease to exist, ownership no longer matters.

He walks down the street amidst screams of devastation and the thunder of gun shots.

He continues walking, a smile lighting on his face as he thinks how happy he is to be alive.  

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A Moment of Self-Reflection

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
To what end?

Allow me a moment of reckless self-reflection as I consider the ‘to what end?’ of this blog.
I have taken a few minutes (should I say 4 minutes to make it more poetic?) to review the main point of each Notes on Creativity entry so far. I looked for patterns on this exploration of creativity and journey to cultivate more of it in my life. And it seems that I am at a crux.
The search is leading me to experience life at a level just a few inches off the ground. I now look increasingly for that hint of the Other World in the ordinary, and try to infuse the small things in my life with tiny nuggets of the best of who I am. And this, I suddenly realize, is just it- the search is leading me, and not the other way around. This is not at all what I had intended when I set out on this adventure.
And so, I cannot answer to what end the search captured in this blog will lead. I must merely make room, and follow where the Wild Goose takes me.
Do come along for the ride. 
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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  


Tumbling, turning, twisting. Grasping, careening. I close my eyes now, hours later, and can still feel the rhythm of the waves- paddle, crest, crash, eject. There goes one person, and another. Move quickly, perform the rescue, and head off to the next rapid.

All the while, the solid living walls line our journey down the river. They are alive with coiled boas, squirrel monkeys, iguanas, and kingfishers. This is a National Geographic moment.

We are small in the raft at the bottom of the canyon, moved along by rushing waters. The splashing droplets refresh us, the warming sun gives us comfort. 

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