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Fun and Spontaneity

Notes on Creativity theme of the week:
The Creative Process

The creative process can be difficult, requiring intense emotional energy. It can also be fun and freeing- the flip side to yesterday’s post.

I told a friend at work, Janine, that the fun and freeing aspect of creativity was going to be the topic of today’s Notes on Creativity. “Great,” she responded, “let’s give you something to write about. We’ll do a scavenger hunt at lunch.” And with that, she walked off.

My internal knee-jerk reaction was , “No, let’s not- we’re adults, we’re professionals, and that’s just plain silly”. Then I remembered a previous post in which I stated that ‘yes goes further than no’ . I decided to practice what I preach. My answer promptly turned into”Yes, let’s”.

And so, we each made a list of things for the other to find or do at lunchtime. Janine had me looking for oddities to photograph (an office chair with coffee mug in a bus shelter- you never know what you may find…), searching for out-of-province license plates, and reading the fine print on Stop signs. I had her asking a stranger for the time and getting him to write it down (she found a good sport), buying me chocolate (may as well take advantage of the opportunity), and stopping to admire a flower.

It was a lot of fun seeing what we came up with for each other, and enjoying the spontaneity together.

Having practiced what I preached, I can attest that ‘yes’ does indeed go further than ‘no’.

Do one thing today that brings a little creative fun into your life.  


Janine the Scavenger Hunter


Today’s 4 Minute Writer

The Jar

I lick my lips in anticipation. The lid is on tight, but I’m determined. My hand stings as I increase the pressure of the turn. No movement. I reposition and try again. Nothing but an increasingly sore hand.

Time to get out the tools. Butter knife under the lip of the lid. This just mangles the top, but gets me no closer to what’s inside. Can opener. Can’t quite get the right angle. Teeth- now I’m getting desperate.

Saliva builds as my taste buds grow impatient. I can’t stand it any longer. I call for reinforcements: “Honey!”

He comes casually up the stairs. I hold out the jar, forehead tensed, lower lip turned out. He gently twists a little to the left, and off pops the lid. The sweet smell of Nutella is free to roam.

I hold out my hand to take back the jar.

“To the victor go the spoils,” he proclaims, and vanishes back down the stairs.

Next time I’ll hand him a jar of pickled pigs feet.

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