Golden Moments

You know the feeling- that rush of adrenalin, that fire in your belly, that excitement that grips you when you’re doing what you were made to do- and loving it. Everything just clicks and you’re flying on a natural high.

Those moments are golden nuggets, small and self-contained, precious gems brightening acres of blandness.

Think back over the years and remember those moments in your life when you felt truly alive in this way. Write them down. Do you notice a pattern? Is there a common thread? Take a look at when those moments came and in what context. If you can identify that, think of ways to put yourself into situations that will increase your chances of living more of these golden moments.

Your list of golden moments can also encourage you and put into perspective the rest of your life, energizing you.

Go ahead, step away from the computer, grab a paper and pen, the old-fashioned way, and start making your list.

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Today’s 4 Minute Writer  


Empty pale blue eyes, wisps of aging white framing his face. Deep lines cut around his eyes, crows-feet dancing at his temples. Gritting teeth hold back decades of repressed anger over a damaged childhood, a belittling wife, a berating boss.

He stews in the juices of his own hidden rage.

He has ruined it, really- his own life, I mean, poisoned his mind with thoughts of revenge, painted his world with jealousy, peppered his interactions with backhanded compliments.

His heart is black.

There is only one place which gives him release from his self-imposed prison.

When the stage lights go up and the crowd falls silent, he is transformed. From a depth he can no longer relate to, a life breaks forth and breathes into every fiber of his being, infusing it with a vibrancy he has long forgotten.

Heart-wrenching wails, joyous ecstasies, gut-level determination possess him as his body is rocked by the words filling his soul, running freely from his lips. A long-forgotten connection with the truth of each moment carries him into the hearts of the audience that grips onto the lifeline he throws out to them.

They live through him, holding out all their long-suppressed dreams and tear-stained hopes for him to capture.

Yet, when the lights go down and the crowd jumps to its feet, the cloud of night descends on him once more, and the audience’s hearts shrink back to deep within their bosoms. The connection is forgotten- until the next curtain call.

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29 responses to “Golden Moments

  1. Beautiful post, Zoe, full of hope. It puts me in mind of a post by Sana Johnson-Quaida about the ability to start again at any age.

    It’s at

    I’m off to find a pencil…

  2. Brilliant.
    That black heart belongs on show but maybe fear and low self esteem keeps his days dark. enjoyed this

  3. I enjoyed both parts a lot!
    Those empowering, wonderful moments are definitely worth remembering.
    And the second part was hauntingly well written. 🙂
    Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks, M. I feel like I live for those golden moments and that much in between is just filler. They are out of my control, though, and appear sometimes when least expected.
      Here’s to a lifetime full of golden moments!

  4. Reading this was a Golden Moment! 😀

    Passion makes it happen. Thanks, Zoe.

  5. “step away from the computer” – that’s a good start – I think I’ll do just that next weekend and head off to the beach with notebook and pen in hand. Re Overdramatized – Sadly, there are many black hearts of the type of which you speak-the blame-game is alive and well. Good to see you ‘back’ 4minutewriter!

    • There’s just something more alive about notebook and pen than computer and keyboard. Perhaps it’s the act of writing by hand, the uniqueness of your own print on the page as opposed to standardized lettering.
      Enjoy your trip to the beach- sounds splendid.
      Thanks for the welcome back. I think my presence in the blogosphere will be merely intermittent for the time being, but I plan to keep in-the-loop.

  6. I like the way you present the value of golden moments in the first part. Next, your story demonstrates that even golden moments cannot sustain us if we allow ourselves to be dominated by worthless habits. Blessings to you, Zoe…

    • Hmmmm… Your comment makes me think- maybe the moments in between the golden ones are more significant than I realize. I’ll have to let that rattle around for a while. Thanks for the brain food 🙂

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  8. Hi Zoe, I’ve been making a mental list of my golden moments and it’s given me a lot to think about. The golden moment that immediately came to mind was not one I expected, so I’m off to do some further exploration.

  9. Lovely written, nice images
    Be blessed.

  10. V

    Hello Z

    I agree with Carol Ann, in that the times in between the golden moments also have to be appreciated and I’ll go as far and say cherished. For without those times how would we know when a golden moment is truly happening or has happened? Yin and yang I suppose.

    Loved “Overdramatized”. It really moved me. Two thumbs up!

    • Thanks V. I find that remembering the golden moments help me get through the other moments in life until the next golden moment. I definitely keep my eye out for the golden ones and try to put myself in situations that might bring them about. I might just be a golden moment junkie…

  11. Hi – this is Chloe from “Writing Days-Happy Days” with my new blog. Just to let you know I’ve subscribed to your blog now as Blossom Dreams. Please visit if you get a chance (if you haven’t already).

    Many thanks,
    Chloe xx

  12. Jackie Paulson Author

    I really enjoyed this post. Every day is a Gift. It all depends on how our mind set is as to what we can and cannot do or “attract.” My Golden moments are daily I just need to keep a notebook of all of them. 🙂

  13. “He stews in the juices of his own hidden rage.”

    The best thing I’ve read in a long time.

  14. 4 minute,

    I am finishing up “Acqusition Syndrome” and it looks like “From Healing Art to Business” will be the subtitle. Wondered it you’d consider being a test reader when it reaches the proof copy stage this fall. How ’bout sending me an e-mail to All the best, Dr. B

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